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Blink was originally part of Finmo, a North American Fintech, with an aim to bring all digital mortgages to the Canadian market.

Blink was the public facing mortgage business alongside Finmo, but now exists as a standalone business in its own right. I worked with them to establish a visual identity, overhaul the UX of their calculators and other tools, and helped them to understand the different flows different user types will follow.

While Blink already had website when I joined, it was relatively undeveloped, confusingly laid out and relatively under utilised as a platform. There had been very little consideration of how or why users would convert, or what brought them to the site.

I set about helping them to understand how different types of users might move through the site, and what points would lead to them making the decision to commit or not.

I produced a range of flows to illustrate visually how different users approach the site

In terms of brand, I had a logo, a colour palette and a font family to work with, but beyond that, little in the way of a visual language, and a team that was very inexperienced in the design process in general.

As a first step, I worked closely with the CEO on a series of visual concepts, keeping the wider group in the loop. This served to generate a good amount of enthusiasm and buy in, making everyone feel involved in what was happening.

A whole range of visual styles were explored after the initial wireframing and planning

In the end, a relatively ‘traditional’ approach won out, introducing both imagery and custom illustration to the brand.

I also sought to give rationality to their use of colour; dark blue and dark grey for text, blue for CTAs, green for critical CTAs, purple for ‘messages from Blink’ and dark green / dark purple gradients for backgrounds of important content.

Research suggested users started out on mobile, before completing on desktop

With the calculator I introduced some simple UX enhancements to improve its usability.

A progress bar to reassure the user over the length of the process that follows them down the screen, clear visual indication of what answers are selected, with instant validation keeps the user focused and certain they will progress successfully.

The visual style and components from these calculators would later feed into work on the Finmo web app, specifically the borrower facing sections, allowing customer brokerages to offer a consistent user experience from initial affordability calculator, through the application process, email communications etc.

Blink UI Kit




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